The Joy of Biased Economics

A post about my own biases in EU politics, the euro crisis of yesteryear and Yanis Varoufakis' hyperbolic, yet surprisingly informative, book on the euro's history of problems.

Rational America

Today, I had the opportunity to witness a keynote address by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Brussels (see video from the event here). It prompted me to jot down some quick thoughts on U.S. policy and our perception thereof. Strictly my

This is why we can’t have nice politics

Today, I fell across a short video that showcased a perfect example of the tragic, but inevitable clash of modern democracy: The unstoppable force of a “clever” journalist who literally repeats the same question six times in a row. Against the immovable

Germany is not Germany at all

“The Shortest History of Germany” packs a powerful punch in a tiny package. From Caesar to Merkel, James Hawes delves into the “true nature” of Germany and reaches a bold conclusion: Germany east of the Elbe is the source of all recent