C&C:A – Custom Armies System

C&C:A – Custom Armies System

This Custom Armies System (CAS) facilitates a new way to experience the Commands & Colors: Ancients wargame. Instead of playing out historic scenarios, players will pick a faction, compose their own army and deploy their troops themselves. Different unit rosters add flavour to each of the available faction, while a unit cost system seeks to provide balance across forces.

Tournaments based on the CAS will implement it differently. Sometimes, generals control the same faction for an entire tournament. Other times, players select armies through a drafting system before each round. Sometimes, players will fight out a single battle, other times, they will fight twice per round. No matter what, each battle should provide fresh opportunities to demonstrate one’s tactical acumen and superiority in ancient warfare!

Hent filerne nedenfor for at lære systemet at kende og udforske de 16 tilgængelige fraktioner:

  • Custom Army System rules and illustrated example: PDF

  • Custom Army System – Force Composition Sheets: .XLS